Hello Everyone. I see you've decided to click the disclaimer. Now, unlike the rest of this pathetic waste of time "website", this page is all serious. Let me give you just a bit of background. My name is Isaiah, I'm a freshman attending a computer science class, and this website is a joke. I made this page as an assignment on HTML for the class. Also, if you did try to download one of the films from this site, let me just tell you, you didn't really download a virus, that was just a quick code I threw together in notepad to make it appear so, in case you didn't know. If you haven't downloaded a film yet, go ahead! I gurantee you'll like it. All of the text on this page was put through Google Translate multiple times, added a few MLG-like edits, and purposefully mispelled some of give them that unprofessional, badly made type of look. An important thing I can't stress enough is that this website is 100% safe, all jokes aside.
Again, thank you for taking the time to come to the Best Website, built from only 325 lines of code, enjoy your stay!